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About Us

Halo Virtual Tours was started as a way to help business owners, property owners, and other companies take advantage of the infrastructure already in place through the world of online marketing and immersion. 


Convenience sells.  People expect more from their experiences. Even if it's an industry that has, historically seemed lackluster.

The applications for virtual tours are almost limitless. From Real Estate marketing, insurance claims, as-builts/site plans, and more.  If you have ever booked a hotel, looked at a piece of real estate for purchase/lease, or gone to the local spa, you were in a position, as a customer, to benefit from a virtual tour experience.  Many times, customers and patients will make a decision on whether or not to patronize your business based on such a tour or your lack threreof.

We want to serve our customers by helping them understand the importance of these tours and the benefits they can provide to you as a real estate/business owner.

Potential Applications of a virtual tour

  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Leasing or Sales

  • Creating detailed site plans and as-builts in places where no space plans exist

  • Construction oversight and subcontractor accountability

  • Businesses and restaurants who want to boast the experience and customer setting

  • Insurance claims and inspections

  • Appraisals

Benefits of a Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours boast many benefits, just a few of them are listed below:

  • Saved time meeting leasing prospects

  • Live measurements, the ability measure for fixtures and furniture

  • Dollhouse Views for spacial clarity

  • Detailed site plans available for space planning

  • Setting expectations for customers and providing a way to wow before the visit